Monday, 29 July 2013

Human Trafficking by Khafi

A moving and thought provoking poem by Khafi Kareem filmed by Media 4 Youth at the Shake! Voice, Verse and Power showcase, Albany, 23rd June 2013.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Applications Open for Shake! Arts >> Media >> Race >> Power

Monday 5th – Friday 9th August 2013

FREE 5-day course for 16-25 year old's

Shake! is a dynamic youth initiative using art as a powerful non-violent force for change and a celebration of youth voices. Each day Shake! creative workshops will provide space to imagine what justice looks like, experiment with new ideas, learn new tools, work with incredible artists and inspire your imagination!

You can get a flavour of how it went from the pilot of the course that took place in 2010 in the trailer that was made by the young people who took part in the course, click here. To see the full video check out our videos sections.

Over the five days, the course will include:

>> interactive workshops, stimulating dialogue & skill-shares with practicing artists/activists/educators ZENA EDWARDS, SAI MURRAY, ED LEWIS, FARZANA KHAN, MARCINA ARNOLD, HI8US SOUTH to creatively campaign for change.

>> practical hands-on techniques in spoken word, online media, film/video and music technology to develop your ideas around injustice and power. 

>> access to a/v equipment, workshop spaces and refreshments at the landmark
Bernie Grants Art Centre Tottenham.

>> opportunity to showcase your work and continued involvement in the Shake! and Platform network.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Zena and Sai's Tributes to Jayne Cortez

Shake!'s poetry facilitators for our upcoming August course pay tribute to Jayne Cortez.

We've previously posted about John La Rose being an inspiration for Shake! together with New Beacon Books and the George Padmore Institiute - tonight these organisations are putting on an event paying tribute to the influential poet and activist Jayne Cortez with our Zena appearing on the bill.

Details here.

For those who were at our #VoiceVersePower showcase last month you will also have heard a poem from Sai that was written during a Jayne Cortez workshop. You can read the full poem over on Sai's blog and watch a performance of this piece on our showcase video together with interviews from the night and performances from the Shakers.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

And …Where Do You and I Fit In?- Reflections on Coordinating Shake!

Some 9 months since joining Platform, I wanted to offer some reflection on working on Shake!, which is  the project I co-ordinate and what I largely work on. This piece is extracted from my concluding remarks at our last Shake! Showcase , slightly paraphrased for the blog reader. Shake! is a project that brings together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice. Our next Shake intensive course is running during 5-9 of August, info below.

Shake! intensive at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 22/02/2013
Whenever anyone asks me about Shake! and what is that we do, I always struggle and the more I get involved with Shake!, it becomes increasingly  harder. You’ll often find me deferring the responsibility and cheekily inviting the rest of the Shake! team or Shake! participants to answer, probing: “What is Shake! to you?” though this is often because being Voices That Shake!, we are conscientious  about ensuring people’s voices come through and each person has an opportunity to speak for themselves (especially seeing as everyone contributes and takes from Shake! uniquely and differently). It is also because I’m avoiding the responsibility of answering such an enveloping question, I find I can never express or do justice to the fullness of Shake!  However, now seems right to try.

I don’t know if you remember, a couple of years ago there was advert on T.V., I think it was some sort of banking advert, lets just suppose it was. It went along the lines of “Most banks offer you this service or this service, however we offer you this and this.”  Shake! in an entirely different sense evokes an and for me. Every time I describe what Shake! is, I find myself saying: “Shake! engages with: race and media and environment and power and social justice issues. It is a youth project but not just for young people, it informs activists and artists  and educators and older generations through its youth-led policy seminars and youth-led continuing professional development workshops( CPD). Shake! aims to diversify and inform art and activism and education and academia and social policy …” More than anything else I am saying and.  That being the case, I have come to realize that Shake! does in three definitive and profound ways embody an and for me.

Monday, 8 July 2013

News Flash: Shake! in the Red Pepper 'Summer of Action

Woop! Check out Shake! in the Red Pepper 'Summer of Action'
More details on how to get involved with the shake! intensive this summer at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre below:   Spread the word :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Shake! Update: Hannan Majid and Richard York, from Hi8us South join Shake! intensive.

EXCITING NEWS UPDATE: this Shake! we will have film makers Hannan Majid and Richard York, from Hi8us South. Derek Richard from Hi8us tells us:

Richard and Hanan tend to work together and/or interchange themselves across the duration of a project. This might seem unusual, but it always works for us. Here are links to recent projects of theirs which will make it clear why they're right for this work. They'll bring a lot to the week in general through the work they've been doing.

The Trailer for their most recent feature doc, The Machinist. It was released before the Rana factory collapse in Bangladesh, but has since been attached to campaign to raise money for the victims in addition to its original role as an awareness raising film about working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh: 

The second is a short made about Adidas for War On Want on the same issue:

We are so excited to be working and learning with them.

If you are a budding film maker, or interested in film join us for our Shake! intensive, email for an application.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shake! Film: Perceptions


Here is the final edit of the film made by Shake! participants during our Shake! 2013 at the Stephen Lawrence  Charitable Trust, Deptford in February. The film was a response to a range of political discussions that took place during the week ranging from; power, race, media, misogyny, environment etc. Sam Liebmann and Derek Richards from Hi8us South supported Shake! participants to create, shoot and edit the film.

"It seems that during this time of need the work of our sector is looking more at how we can empower young people as social activists. Young people aren't just in need of support, they have perhaps the strongest desire to act for change and, as we've witnessed, produce some of the most creative socially engaged work.

Shake!  in February was like a breath of fresh air in the smog of negativity that many of us are experiencing. With Platform we're getting ready for the second run of 2013 in August. More news coming soon in the meantime check out this short piece, one of many outputs from the February workshops." 
- Derek Richards, Hi8us South

Film by:  Ceris, Christina, Dershe, Holly, Ifthekar, Nathaniel.

For  more info on our summer Shake! August 5-9 at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, email